One-Stop Guide to Database Migration with Flyway and Spring Boot

A comprehensive guide for database migrations using Flyway with and without Spring Boot.

Spring Boot Application Events Explained

Spring Boot allows us to throw and listen to specific application events that we can process as we wish. Events are meant for exchanging information between loosely coupled components.

Multitenancy Applications with Spring Boot and Flyway

Multitenancy applications require a separate data store for each tenant. This guide shows how to configure a Spring Boot application with multiple data sources and how to switch between them depending on the tenant using the software. Using Flyway we can even upgrade the database schemas for all data sources at once.

One-Stop Guide to Profiles with Spring Boot

Profiles are a mighty tool for configuring Spring and Spring Boot applications. In this article, we discuss how Profiles work, for which use cases they are the right solution, and when we should rather not use them.

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