Deploying Your First Docker Image to AWS

Always wanted to get started on AWS? Then let's create a Docker image and deploy it to the AWS cloud! All you need is an AWS account and about 15 minutes of time.

Multitenancy Applications with Spring Boot and Flyway

Multitenancy applications require a separate data store for each tenant. This guide shows how to configure a Spring Boot application with multiple data sources and how to switch between them depending on the tenant using the software. Using Flyway we can even upgrade the database schemas for all data sources at once.

Reactive Multi-Threading with RxJava - Pitfalls and Solutions

Reactive Programming has a lot of pitfalls for rookies to fall into, especially when it's multi-threaded. This article documents some of those pitfalls and their solutions so you don't have to fall.

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Book Review: Atomic Habits

'Atomic Habits' provides an actionable framework for making or breaking habits. Here are my notes.

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