Implementing a Cache with Spring Boot

Spring provides a powerful abstraction to implement a cache without binding to a specific cache provider. This article shows how to use it with Hazelcast as cache provider.

Marrying Vue.js and Thymeleaf: Embedding Javascript Components in Server-Side Templates

Old-school server-side web applications aren't interactive enough nowadays. But full-blown Javascript applications create their own problems. Why not combine the best of both worlds? Let's include Vue.js components in server-side Thymeleaf templates.

'Code First' API Documentation with Springdoc and Spring Boot

This article gives a quick introduction in how to implement a 'code first' approach for creating API docs with Springdoc.

Distributed Cache with Hazelcast and Spring

We need a Cache to reduce expensive read operations. Distributed applications need a distributed cache. This article shows how to set up a distributed cache cluster with Hazelcast and Spring.

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