Validation with Spring Boot - the Complete Guide

A tutorial consolidating the most important features you'll need to integrate Bean Validation into your Spring Boot application.

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Complete Guide to CSRF/XSRF (Cross-Site Request Forgery)

In this article, we will understand a type of website attack called Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF). We will look at the kind of websites which usually fall victim to CSRF attacks, how an attacker crafts a CSRF attack, and some techniques to mitigate the risk of being compromised with a CSRF attack

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Retry with Spring Boot and Resilience4j

A deep dive into the Spring Boot Resilience4j Retry module, this article shows why, when and how to use it to build resilient applications.

Testing with Spring Boot and @SpringBootTest

A tutorial on when and how to use Spring Boot's @SpringBootTest annotation and how to reduce test runtime.

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