The Liskov Substitution Principle Explained

The Liskov Substitution Principle is a very useful idea both when developing new applications and modifying existing ones. This article explains what it is, why it's important and how to use it.

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What is AWS? A High-Level Overview of the Most Important AWS Services

New to AWS? We've got you covered. AWS is a vast ocean of services across a bunch of different domains. This article introduces the most commonly used AWS services.

Implementing a Cache with Spring Boot

Spring provides a powerful abstraction to implement a cache without binding to a specific cache provider. This article shows how to use it with Hazelcast as cache provider.

Marrying Vue.js and Thymeleaf: Embedding Javascript Components in Server-Side Templates

Old-school server-side web applications aren't interactive enough nowadays. But full-blown Javascript applications create their own problems. Why not combine the best of both worlds? Let's include Vue.js components in server-side Thymeleaf templates.

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