Asserting Lists with AssertJ

Asserting lists in unit tests can be painful. AssertJ provides handy support for lists that we're going to explore in this article.

Per-Environment Logging with Plain Java and Spring Boot

How to configure a plain Java or Spring Boot application to send logs to different targets in different runtime environments.

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Feature Flags in Java with Togglz and LaunchDarkly

With feature flags, we can reduce the risk of rolling out software changes to a minimum. Let's compare two popular tools to implement feature flags in Java.

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Creating and Analyzing Thread Dumps

A thread dump is a snapshot of the states of all the threads in an application. They are useful to identify the root cause of various problems in live applications. In this post, we will look at the contents of a thread dump, different means of generating thread dumps, and analyzing them to identify the potential causes of a problem.

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