Definitive Guide to the JaCoCo Gradle Plugin

A tutorial on how to measure and enforce code coverage on a Java code base with JaCoCo and Gradle.

Combining Object Mother and Fluent Builder for the Ultimate Test Data Factory

Combining the Object Mother Pattern with the Fluent Builder Pattern allows to create Test Data Factories that reduce code duplication and promote the Single Responsibility Principle. Learn why and how in this tutorial.

How to Configure a Human-Readable Logging Format with Logback and Descriptive Logger

A guide to configuring Logback to use a human-readable logging format.

A Fully Automated Open Source Release Chain with Gradle and Travis CI

Releasing often is a major pain when the release process is not automated. This article is a guide to a fully automated release chain that is able to publish snapshots and releases from a Github repository using Gradle, Bintray and Travis CI.

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