How to Configure a Human-Readable Logging Format with Logback and Descriptive Logger

A guide to configuring Logback to use a human-readable logging format.

A Fully Automated Open Source Release Chain with Gradle and Travis CI

Releasing often is a major pain when the release process is not automated. This article is a guide to a fully automated release chain that is able to publish snapshots and releases from a Github repository using Gradle, Bintray and Travis CI.

Publishing Open Source Snapshots with Gradle

One of the most fulfilling things in open source development is getting feedback from your users. This article shows how to publish snapshots of your Java projects to to enable your users to give feedback early.

Publishing Open Source Releases with Gradle

When working on an open source Java project, you always come to the point where you want to share your work with the developer community. This article gives a step-by-step guide on how to publish your artifacts Bintray.

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