Become an Author

Become an Author

I’m looking for authors to contribute to the reflectoring blog!

Interested to write about Spring and Java, Kotlin, Node.js, or the software craft in general? To become a better writer? To earn a little money on the side? Then read on!

No need to be an expert writer! I’ll help you get your piece over the finish line!

I want to write!

What the Authors Say

“Reflectoring gives me the opportunity to research, develop, and write about topics that interest me, as well as to connect and network with other professionals that have the same interests as me.

Also, as a beginner writer myself, writing for reflectoring helps me develop my writing skills. Tom’s proof-reading is really valuable in order to write better articles.”

- Petros Stergioulas

“I like the structured process of writing here - from creating an outline, submitting the draft for review, and finally getting it published.

The reviews before publishing add valuable feedback from a reader’s perspective. Above that, the use of Markdown formats, Trello boards, and GitHub gives a great experience not very different from what we are used to as developers.”

- Pratik Das

I want to write!

Why Should I Write at All?

There’s plenty of reasons for a software developer to write. Writing regularly has certainly created some contacts and opened a couple of doors for me.

And there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing the co-workers in the office reading your blog to solve the problem they’re currently having :).

Why Should I Write for reflectoring?

I will review all contributed articles and help you create the best content you can. You get full credit for the article with your own author photo, blurb, and social media links under the article.

You also get some money for the effort (see below).

What Should I Write About?

There’s a big backlog of potential topics that you can choose from. You can also bring your own topic of interest. The topic should fit into the reflectoring blog, though, so it should have something to do with Spring, Java, Kotlin, AWS, Node.js or software development best practices.

The content must be exclusive to reflectoring.

Are There Any Writing Guidelines?

Yes. I’ve created a set of guidelines that will help you find your voice even if you’re not an experienced writer.

How Do I Write?

You’ll write in Markdown and create a pull request to a GitHub repository. It’s just like coding, only instead of code, you write text.

What Should I Bring?

You should probably have a couple of years of Java and Spring experience under your belt.

Your written English doesn’t need to be perfect, but good enough so that it doesn’t have to be completely re-written to be polished into a text that could be a native speaker’s.

Other than that, just have fun sharing your experience!

How Will I Be Paid?

You will be paid by the number of words in the published article. A 1000-word article (including code snippets) about a high-potential topic will be rated at USD 60, for instance. A 1000-word article about a lower potential topic will be rated at USD 45.

I reserve the right not to publish (and not to pay) articles that are too much work to get to the quality standard I expect. In this case, the content is yours to do with whatever you want.

Payment will be processed with PayPal.

Do You Accept Guest Posts?

The content created as per the above information are paid, contributed articles that I influence topic-wise.

“Guest posts” are posts from external sources with the goal to create reach for a certain product (i.e. for a software product, a framework, or even for the author).

I may consider such posts for publication on reflectoring, but I will still review them, they must be exclusive, and they will not be paid. Above all, they must provide information that is worthwhile for my readers.

Why Are You Looking For Authors?

I have created this big backlog of topics that I believe are interesting to my readers but I don’t have enough time to write it all myself (I do have a day job and a family I like to spend some time with, after all!).

So, to get the stuff out there before I die - to grow the reflectoring blog faster than I could alone - I’m looking for help.

I’m In - What Do I Do?

Have a read through these documents to check if writing on reflectoring excites you:

If you want to try it out, fill out the form below explaining your motivation, a little background on yourself and, if applicable, some links to stuff you have written so far.

I want to Write!