Author Payment

Successful Review

All payments are subject to a successful review and the publishing of the article in question. I will not publish low-quality articles. In cases where the quality is not what we expect, we will always give feedback on how to improve the quality to finally publish them. In rare cases, when the text quality is poor, we will not review an article at all.

The writing guidelines define the basis for judging the quality of an article during review.

Payment Tiers

Topics are categorized in tiers according to their value.

  • Tier 1 topics are the most valuable topics for any number of reasons. They usually bring more value to the readers and are expected to have more readers.
  • Tier 2 topics are standard topics that are perhaps not so novel, or not so valuable as tier 1 topics.

You can see the tier of a topic in the labels of the corresponding Trello card.

Payment Metric

The payment will be determined by the number of words in the article. While the number of words is a poor metric for the quality of an article, it’s usually a good metric for the effort that went into creating the article.

Quality is assured during the review. Quantity defines the payment.

Unnecessarily long sentences, phrases, and code will be removed during review and will not improve payment.

To determine the number of words, the published article is pasted into WordCounter (including code examples).

Payment Rates

Tier per 100 words 500 words article (example) 1000 words article (example) 2000 words article (example)
Tier 1 $6 $30 $60 $120
Tier 2 $4.50 $22.50 $45 $90

The payment rates are specified in US-Dollars.

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