Artur Kuksin

With many years of experience in software development I am always looking to learn new things. I like coding and exchanging knowledge.

Articles by Artur Kuksin

Securing Data in AWS

Amazon Web Services provide many possibilities to secure data in the cloud. In this article, we will have a closer look at how to encrypt different types of data at rest on AWS.

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Request/Response Pattern with Spring AMQP

The request/response pattern is well-known and widely used, mainly in synchronous communication. This article shows how to implement this pattern asynchronously with a message broker using the AMQP protocol and Spring Boot.

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Implementing a Cache with Spring Boot

We use a cache to protect the database or to avoid cost-intensive calculations. Spring provides an abstraction layer for implementing a cache.

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Distributed Cache with Hazelcast and Spring

In some applications, we need to protect the database or avoid cost-intensive calculations. We can use a cache for this goal.

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Testing Database Migration Scripts with Spring Boot and Testcontainers

Database migration with tools like Flyway or Liquibase requires creating SQL scripts and running them on a database. Although the database is an external dependency, we have to test the SQL scripts, because it is our code.

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Handling Passwords with Spring Boot and Spring Security

Systems with user management require authentication. If we use password-based authentication, we have to handle users' passwords in our system. This article shows how to encode and store passwords securely with Spring Security.

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