Pratik Das

Professional Software Engineer and Architect currently focussed on Cloud Architecture, serverless technologies, and Microservices.

Articles by Pratik Das

Complete Guide to Spring RestTemplate

REST-styled APIs are all around us. Many applications need to invoke REST APIs for some or all of their functions. Hence for applications to function gracefully, they need to consume APIs elegantly and consistently.

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How to Internationalize a Spring Boot Application

Internationalization is the process of making an application adaptable to multiple languages and regions without major changes in the source code.

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Creating Hashes in Java

A hash is a piece of text computed with a cryptographic hashing function. It is used for various purposes mainly in the security realm like securely storing sensitive information and safeguarding data integrity.

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Comparison of Java HTTP Clients

Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is an application-layer protocol for transmitting hypermedia documents, such as HTML, and API payloads in a standard format like JSON and XML.

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Running Scheduled Jobs in Spring Boot

Scheduling is the process of executing a piece of logic at a specific time in the future. Scheduled jobs are a piece of business logic that should run on a timer.

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Publishing Metrics from Spring Boot to Amazon CloudWatch

Metrics provide a quantifiable measure of specific attributes of an application. A collection of different metrics give intelligent insights into the health and performance of an application.

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