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You need an experienced software engineer for a mentoring or pairing session? To bounce off some ideas? To validate an architecture? Or to just talk through an idea?

I can help you! You can book me remotely for an hour at a time - once, or regularly. Below is an incomplete list of things that I can help with. If what you’re looking for is not listed, feel free to reach out anyways to discuss if I can help you.

Take advantage of me as a wildcard to get quick results without binding to a contract!

Not sure if I am the right person? Have a look at my LinkedIn profile or shoot me an e-mail with your questions.

My current rate is $110 / hour.

Get in touch to discuss ideas and questions or book me directly via Calendly and I’ll get in touch with you.

One-on-One Coaching

You would like to have a mentor for yourself or a member of your team, but you currently don’t have access to a senior engineer that could fill that role?

I’m happy to set up a regular 1:1 session to talk through things like career growth, developing hard and soft skills, or improving impact as a developer.

Team Coaching

Your team is missing a senior engineer or agile coach and you would like to have a guide for the team?

I’ve served in both low and high-perfoming teams and know a thing or two about how to increase the effectiveness of an engineering team. Book me for a bi-weekly team introspection to evaluate and increase your team’s impact.

Pair Programming

If you’re looking for a very hands-on coaching, I offer myself as a pairing partner for you or your team to do pair or mob programming.

I will ask a lot of dumb questions to keep you from making the mistakes that I have made already.

Code Reviews

You have the feeling that your codebase is not as maintainable as it could be, but can’t quite point out the cause?

Book me to conduct a code review on your codebase. I will ask a lot of questions and point out potential improvements. I’m also happy to pair up to implement those improvements afterwards or act as an accountability partner in regular meetings to improve follow-through.

Architecture Reviews

You’re starting a new project and want the architecture validated before putting a whole team of engineers on it? Or you are already working on a project and would like to evaluate the architecture for potential risks and improvements?

Book me to conduct an architecture review. I will start by creating a context diagram to understand your system and then walk you through the aspects of an architecture that are most important to you.

Technical Trainings

You want your development team to learn about a certain topic but don’t have a trainer at hand?

I have experience in learning and teaching as a developer and can prepare a topic in a way that a development team can effectively learn the material.

We’ll spread the training across multiple, short sessions to avoid tiring and boring day-long meetings. We’ll get our hands dirty on actual code to make the learning as effective as possible.

Depending on how familiar I am with the topic myself, I will bill some hours to prepare a training sessions.


The above a rough ideas of what I can help you with, so I’m happy to discuss options. Submit the form below or reach out to to get in touch!

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