Murtuza Ranapurwala

Murtuza is a software engineer who is always on the outlook to find new ways to code.

Articles by Murtuza Ranapurwala

Caching with ElastiCache for Redis and Spring Cloud AWS

ElastiCache is a fully managed caching service available in AWS Cloud. Spring Cloud AWS helps us to simplify the communication of Spring Boot application with AWS services.

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Complete Guide to Exception Handling in Spring Boot

Handling exceptions is an important part of building a robust application. Spring Boot offers more than one way of doing it.

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Getting Started with Spring Data Specifications

If you are looking for a better way to manage your queries or want to generate dynamic and typesafe queries then you might find your solution in Spring Data JPA Specifications.

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Full-Text Search with Hibernate Search and Spring Boot

If you want to integrate extensive full-text search features in your Spring Boot application without having to make major changes, Hibernate Search may be a way to go.

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