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Read on, this page details the different sponsorship options.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Here’s a quick overview of the options for sponsoring reflectoring:

Sponsorship opportunity Price Details
Exclusive Ad Placement $325 / week Details
Sponsored Blog Post $750 Details
Sponsored Newsletter $150 Details
Sponsored Newsletter with personal endorsement $300 Details

Get in touch if you have any questions or want to discuss a sponsoring opportunity.

What Customers Say

Tom and the Reflectoring brand represent a fantastic opportunity for any organization such as ours that is seeking to build authentic engagement with a developer audience. This is primarily the case because he writes so clearly from a “for developers by developers” perspective. The use cases and the value streams are optimized for real-world consumption and even implementation. In addition to this practical, hands-on approach with individual posts, the content offered across the Reflectoring site and in its email newsletter is positive, encouraging and insightful.

Matt Hines - Director of Product Marketing at

The reflectoring Audience

The audience of the reflectoring blog consists of mainly professional JVM developers who come to the site through search engines to solve a problem. About 20% of the audience is located in the U.S. followed by 15% in India, and 5% in Germany.

Here are some stats (numbers from November, 2021):

Metric Value
Monthly Active Users 180,000
Monthly Sessions > 200,000
Newsletter Subscribers 5,000
Average Newsletter Open Rate 42%
Average Newsletter Click Rate 9%

Exclusive Ad Placement

You get to be the exclusive advertiser on reflectoring for a time. Exclusive meaning the only external advertiser, as I will still show ads for my own products.

You can place the following ads:

  • a skyscraper ad at the top of the right sidebar (any size up to 260 x 600 pixels)
  • an in-content banner ad about half-way through the page (any size up to 720 x 300 pixels)

These ads will appear on all content pages across reflectoring.

You provide the images for the ads and a URL where they should link. Or, you just provide a logo, a text message, and a URL, and I will create the ads from that.

I’m happy to discuss other options as well.

I will write a technical blog post about your product or framework and make sure that the article is search engine optimized for it to get the most traffic possible.

The article solves a specific problem that users would be searching for via search engines in order to provide value to my developer audience. Some example ideas:

  • “Complete Guide to Authentication and Authorization with <Product X> and Spring Boot” (if your product is an auth provider)
  • “Implement Logging with <Product Y> and Java” (if your product is a logging provider)
  • “Testing with <Product Z> in Kotlin” (if your product is a testing tool)

The finished article will be a well-structured, learning-friendly deep dive into the topic and have something between 1,500 and 2,000 words. It will include code examples from a working example application that I will write myself and host on GitHub.

I’m happy to discuss ideas with you so we can choose a topic that we think will have the most impact.

You can provide me with URLs to link to in the text and I will place them where they make the most sense to the reader.

Also, I will include a link and an intro to the article in my weekly newsletter.

You leave a message to the audience of my weekly newsletter.

The newsletter usually contains a link to the latest article on the page, together with a short inspirational text from me (see examples here).

You provide a logo and a message of up to about 60 words, plus a URL to link to, and it will show up as the first thing in the newsletter.

I can also write the message myself, including an authentic endorsement for your product, making it much more effective. To stay authentic, I only write endorsements for products which I have used myself and which have proven their value to me.

Get in Touch

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