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  • how to be more productive as a software engineer,
  • how to grow personally and professionally,
  • how to be a confident software engineer,
  • … and much more.

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Once again, your newsletter is short and to the point and let’s me think about a detail of my behavior / job. Thanks!

Because weekly it has given me some points of view and inspirational ideas to organize myself and to be a better IT professional. Thanks a lot Tom Best Regards, Thiago from Brazil, São Paulo State, São Paulo City

It makes so much sense. I can relate to all the problems you discussed. I will make sure I follow the suggestions. Thanks for sharing these.

I’m working through ways to become a more productive developer. I love the emails related to productivity and organization tips. Thank you!

It was good advice

clear, concise, informative…..

Well written and informative; I appreciate the diversity of topics, both tech and non-tech

Very insightful! I love it

The insight(s) reflect both experience & pragmatism. Being that I am both of these too, to some extent, it always makes the read enjoyable and I find patterns of behaviour/practice that I need to stop or need to start developing. Thanks.

wise words, Tom. Thank you.

Short and informative article on a topic that always looks like something I’ve seen at some point in the past.

Hi Tom, I’ve been feeling unproductive and inefficient recently. Your article addresses so many key issues that I’m dealing with. Thanks for sharing and I appreciate that you continue to write/share knowledge even though you have so much going on. I will give ‘Shape’ a try :)

Thank you for your advice about growth in the developer career!

You point out things related to personal growth and not just software engineering

I have just joined as a SDE and really find the description of good work and great work meaningful. Thanks!

The suggestions regarding prioritization and how to create a plan along this line is insightful.

Thank you. Its really useful.

Thanks a lot for this piece of advice!

Relevant as I want to understand how to get promoted within the org

Your inspirational nuggets are helping me start my career better.

Inspiring content ! Thanks for your work.

Hi Tom, I read every Inspirational Nugget from you. Thanks a lot for your valuable insights via email.

More or less my own thoughts, but synthesized and ordered. And I needed to see others share the same vision as me. If only I could make myself to actually follow and employ this great wisdom…

Doesn’t feel like useless email feeds cluttering the inbox. Someone took the effort to write this valuable piece of advice and I enjoyed it. Thanks,

It’s very inspirational to get these nuggets time to time. It help me to become a better software engineer.

Always looking forward to your content :)

Useful and always new content

I really like the “Inspirational Nugget of the Week” section. Is there a place on your website where I can see them all? I would love to share them among my coworkers. Thank you very much!

Just what I needed to hear today. Thanks Tom!

I enjoy all of these emails. Not only do I like the voice they’re written in (maybe because I too write software), but the points they make are easy to relate to, grasp and apply. In fact, I have an external Notes page where I add/keep the body of each of these for future use. Thanks a lot.

Great tips on productivity.

Speaks to me

Helped me remember something I knew I should be doing but had forgotten.

I love your newsletters. Amazing tips! Thanks :D

I love reading your emails about “your thinking”. It gives something to think about which in most time I not thinking about.

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