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REST with Hypermedia - Hot or Not?

7 minute read

Believing Roy Fielding, who first coined the REST acronym, you may call your API a REST API only if you make use of hypertext. But what is hypermedia? This a...


Skipping a CI Build for non-code changes

2 minute read

Skipping a CI build is like purposefully not brushing your teeth every morning and evening. You know it should not be skipped and you feel guilty when you do...


Autostart for your Spring Boot Application

2 minute read

A few months ago I was asked to find a solution for starting and stopping a Spring Boot application under Windows automatically together with the computer th...

OpenID Connect

4 minute read

You may have already heard about OpenID Connect as the new standard for single sign-on and identity provision on the internet. If not, I am sure that you hav...

Modeling Git Commits with Neo4j

5 minute read

For the coderadar project, I’m currently searching for a way to create a persistent model of a git commit history that contains the relationships between all...


Lazy Evaluation of Gradle Properties

3 minute read

Writing Gradle build tasks is often easy and straight forward, but as soon as you start to write more generic tasks for multiple modules or projects it can g...

Accessing a Spring Data REST API with Feign

3 minute read

Spring Data REST is a framework that automatically exposes a REST API for Spring Data repositories, thus potentially saving a lot of manual programming work....

Locking transitive Dependencies with NPM

2 minute read

As a developer I am lazy. I don’t build everything by myself because others have done it already. So, when I come upon a problem someone has already solved a...

Digital Signature in Java

5 minute read

Often you come across the requirement to validate integrity and authenticity of data that was sent digitally. Digital signatures are the solution to this re...

A Random pitfall

2 minute read

From time to time we need a randomly generated Number in Java. In this case we are normally using java.util.Random which provides a stream of pseudo generate...


Tool-based Database Refactoring

2 minute read

The term “refactoring” is well defined in software development. It is usually used to describe a restructuring of source code ranging from simply renaming a ...


Microservice Communication Patterns

6 minute read

A microservice architecture is all about communication. How should services communicate in any given business scenario? Should they call each other synchrono...

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Modularizing a Spring Boot Application

4 minute read

Every software project comes to a point where the code should be broken up into modules. These may be modules within a single code base or modules that each ...