Get Your Hands Dirty on Clean Architecture (2nd edition)

A good software architecture should keep the cost of development low over the complete lifetime of an application.

Ever wondered about how to actually implement a “Clean Architecture” or a “Hexagonal Architecture”? There’s a lot of noise around these keywords, but you can find very little hands-on material on this topic.

This book fills a void by providing a hands-on approach to the Hexagonal architecture style from the concepts behind it down to actual code.

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Get Your Hands Dirty on Clean Architecture

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Get Your Hands Dirty on Clean Architecture

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All About Hexagonal Architecture

  • Learn the concepts behind “Clean Architecture” and “Hexagonal Architecture”.
  • Explore a hands-on approach of implementing a Hexagonal architecture with example code on GitHub.
  • Develop your domain code independent of database or web concerns.

Get a Grip on Your Layers

  • Learn about potential problems of the common layered architecture style.
  • Free your domain layer of oppressive dependencies using dependency inversion.
  • Structure your code in an architecturally expressive way.
  • Use different methods to enforce architectural boundaries.
  • Learn the consequences of shortcuts and when to accept them.
  • … and more.

What Readers Say

Tom Hombergs has done a terrific job in explaining clean architecture - from concepts to code. Really wish more technical books would be as clear as that one!

Gernot Starke - Fellow at INNOQ, Founder of arc42, Author of Software Architecture Books, Coach, and Consultant

Love your book. One of the most practical books on hexagonal architecture I have seen/read so far.

Marten Deinum - Spring Framework Contributor and Author of “Spring 5 Recipes” and “Spring Boot 2 Recipes”

A book taken right out of the machine room of software development. Tom talks straight from his experience and guides you through the day-to-day trade-offs necessary to deliver clean architecture.

Sebastian Kempken - Software Architect at Adcubum

Thank you for the great book, it helped me gain significant insight into how one would go about implementing hexagonal and DDD in a modern Spring project.

Spyros Vallianos - Java Developer at Konnekt-able

After reading it I had one of these ‘aha’ moments when things finally click in your brain.

Manos Tzagkarakis - Java Developer at Datawise

Table of Contents

  1. Maintainability
  2. What’s Wrong with Layers?
  3. Inverting Dependencies
  4. Organizing Code
  5. Implementing a Use Case
  6. Implementing a Web Adapter
  7. Implementing a Persistence Adapter
  8. Testing Architecture Elements
  9. Mapping Between Boundaries
  10. Assembling the Application
  11. Taking Shortcuts Consciously
  12. Enforcing Architecture Boundaries
  13. Managing Multiple Bounded Contexts
  14. A Component-Based Approach to Software Architecture
  15. Deciding on an Architecture Style

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