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The reflectoring blog is all about software engineering tips and tutorials.

The goal is to bring easy-to-digest and actionable tips to you so you can apply them in your projects.

These tips are largely technology-agnostic so they apply regardless of the tech stack you’re using.

Some tips will be accompanied by separate tutorials based on Java technologies.

So, if you’re a Java developer you have twice the benefit from my blog :).

If you want to get in touch, simply drop an email at tom@reflectoring.io.

Regards, Tom


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Note that I only promote items I’m convinced will bring value to software engineers (usually books I’ve read and found helpful).

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Tom Hombergs

Tom has more than 10 years experience as a consulting software engineer and architect with a focus on Java and the Spring ecosystem. He contributes to open source projects on GitHub, writes software engineering-related articles and is an occasional speaker at conferences. He’s also an editor at baeldung.com.

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