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Modeling Git Commits with Neo4j

5 minute read (1113 words)

A graph database is the natural way to represent a git tree. This article shows how to do this with Neo4J.

Tool-based Database Refactoring

2 minute read (585 words)

A short introduction to database refactoring and an argument why a database refactoring tool is a must-have in any project using a database with a schema.

A Random pitfall

2 minute read (524 words)

An intro on how to create random numbers in Java.

Loading External Application Properties in the Gradle bootRun Task

1 minute read (359 words)

Configuration parameters should not be baked into code - including the code of your build scripts. This tutorial shows how use the Gradle bootRun task to start a Spring Boot application with application parameters loaded from a properties file.

Github’s Fork & Pull Workflow for Git Beginners

5 minute read (1039 words)

If you are new to Git and/or GitHub, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the different workflow models you can use. This post explains the basic fork and pull workflow model that is used on a lot of GitHub repositories.