Why You Should Enforce 100% Code Coverage*

Everyone knows that aiming for 100% code coverage is bullshit. This article re-defines code coverage to make 100% a meaningful and worthwhile goal.

Combining Object Mother and Fluent Builder for the Ultimate Test Data Factory

Combining the Object Mother Pattern with the Fluent Builder Pattern allows to create Test Data Factories that reduce code duplication and promote the Single Responsibility Principle. Learn why and how in this tutorial.

3 Use Cases Where Structured Log Data Really Helps

Log data should contain more than just text. This article discusses some example use cases where adding structured properties to log events helps when debugging. Get inspired to use structured logging in your own use cases!

5 Good Reasons to Use a Log Server

Logging to files and analyzing them by hand is not the way to go anymore. This article explains the reasons why a log server is the way to go for collecting and analyzing log data.

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