What is Upstream and Downstream in Software Development?

Wondering about what upstream and downstream means in the context of software development? This articles discusses several usages of these words and defines two simple rules to identify what is upstream and what is downstream in every context.

Build Once, Run Anywhere: Externalize Your Configuration

Software that does more than a "hello world" usually needs to be configured in some way or another in order to function in a certain environment. This article explains why this configuration must not be part of the software itself and explores some ways on how to externalize configuration parameters.

Why You Should Enforce 100% Code Coverage*

Everyone knows that aiming for 100% code coverage is bullshit. This article re-defines code coverage to make 100% a meaningful and worthwhile goal.

Combining Object Mother and Fluent Builder for the Ultimate Test Data Factory

Combining the Object Mother Pattern with the Fluent Builder Pattern allows to create Test Data Factories that reduce code duplication and promote the Single Responsibility Principle. Learn why and how in this tutorial.

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