Tom Hombergs

As a professional software engineer, consultant, architect, general problem solver, I've been practicing the software craft for more fifteen years and I'm still learning something new every day. I love sharing the things I learned, so you (and future me) can get a head start. That's why I founded

Articles by Tom Hombergs

Testing with Spring Boot and @SpringBootTest

With the @SpringBootTest annotation, Spring Boot provides a convenient way to start up an application context to be used in a test.

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Per-Environment Logging with Plain Java and Spring Boot

Application logs are the most important resource when it comes to investigating issues and incidents. Imagine something goes wrong during your on-call rotation and you don’t have any logs!

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Feature Flags in Java with Togglz and LaunchDarkly

With feature flags, we can reduce the risk of rolling out software changes to a minimum. We deploy the software with the changes, but the changes are behind a deactivated feature flag.

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Start Clean!

As software developers, we’re painfully aware of technical debt. Usually, we curse our predecessors for taking shortcuts, making wrong decisions, and for just not working professionally in general.

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Book Notes: Measure What Matters

TL;DR: Read this Book, when… you want to be structured in goal-making and tracking you want to learn about what motivates people and what doesn’t you are interested in hearing stories about the goals of big and successful companies Book Facts Title: Measure What Matters Authors: John Doerr Word Count: ~ 62,000 (ca.

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Designing an AWS CDK Project with Java

In the article “Getting Started with AWS CDK”, we have already deployed a Spring Boot application to AWS with the CDK.

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